Faculty of Pharmacy


Applications of Clinical Pharmacokinetics to Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Industrial Pharmacy BPH 3207 (2022)

Students will be introduced to the concept of comprehensive characteristics of the pharmaceutical industry. They will be also introduced to Malaysian pharmaceutical regulatory control, method of registration and legal issues, practical exposure to principles of drug manufacturing, quality management and lay out of a pharmaceutical industry.


This module introduces the students to the pharmacology of drugs in gastrointestinal and respiratory system.

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology BPH3206- YEAR 2022

Student will be introduced to fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.  Emphasis will be placed on introduction to recombinant DNA technology, fermentation process, tissue culture and manufacturing of biotechnology based pharmaceutical products.

BPH3208 Research 1

This course will provide students with the concepts of research methodology, research proposal preparation, and presentation. Students will defend the proposal further to conduct the research project in pharmaceutical sciences.

ADDS 2022

Student will be introduced to overall concept and principles of pharmaceutical advanced drug delivery system.  Emphasis will be placed on basic material and theory in preparation of various types of advanced drug delivery products and their importance in pharmaceutical therapy.

Extemporaneous Preparations -2022

Student will be introduced to overall concept of reading and screening of the prescription, preparation, packing, labelling and dispensing of extemporaneous preparations of various dosage forms. Students will be trained to calculate dosage and working formula using master formula from BNF (British National Formulary) and BPC (British Pharmaceutical Codex) respectively.